international youth work camp

In 2006 the first International Youth Work Camp was organized (20 participants from Belgium and France; July 16-23). The volunteers worked under professional guidance on clearing the rubble of the collapsed roofs/walls thus helping the professionals in their rebuilding endeavors. In y. 2007, 2008 and 2009 the second, third and fourth International Youth Work Camp were held, also very successfully. In these three years the volunteers have cleared virtually the whole complex from rubble and started works in Castle’s park. Instead of sleeping and eating in the neighboring village, as they did during the first Camp, in 2007 a storage-house was turned into a dormitory for the volunteers. Furthermore, in 2008 and 2009 the food was also prepared in the same village of Islam Grcki by a family recently returned from exile, and was served in repaired parts of the Castle. In 2010 the 5th International Camp was held in the Castle from July 4th till July 12th , concentrated mostly to the park area.
For the duration of the Camp Summer-schoolswere organized in the Castle on the subject: ‘Cultural heritage: research, protection and revitalization works’. Camp activities, beside direct effect of accelerating the rebuilding of the Castle, also had indirect benefits in making the Castle better adapted for visitors, by helping in solving some essentials like – electricity, water, basic hygiene, etc.

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