old castle – new bridges

In January 2009 started the EU sponsored Project:Old Castle – New Bridges. The proposer was CMS – Center for Peace Studies, Zagreb, in collaboration with 3 other partners, within EU Program EIDHR (European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights). The activities of the project aimed at lowering the tension between different ethnic communities and offered specialized training in how to resolve conflicts peacefully. The Castle, being through its history important both for Croats and Serbs living in its surrounding, was used both as a symbol of joint interests and as a place for different activities. Besides peace-building activities, part of the Project was to produce a Cultural Guide of Bukovica and Ravni Kotari (encompassing 43 points of interest) for this underdeveloped part of Zadar hinterland. The area abounds in valuable heritage objects which are little known and neglected, although they could greatly help the region through the development of tourism.

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