opening times

The restoration of the Jankovich Castle is still in progress but only some parts of it are open to the public.

For the time being, it is open during the summer period while the owners, the Desnica family, are there and that is: the whole of July and August and most of June and September.

You can contact us via mobile phone no. +385 91 598 30 96 or +385 91 2005 195 (English) or +385 91 2005 190 (French and Italian) for confirmation.

In the historical core of the Castle there are to be seen: the ethnographic collection presented in ‘the old kitchen’, the exhibition ‘Towards the restored Castle’ as well as the tower and the dungeon.

During the rest of the year one can visit the whole complex from the outside, the surrounding parc and St George’s church (12ct).

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