project bridges

Project BRIDGES(MOSTOVI) has been initiated by the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Philosophy, History Department, Triplex Confinium Project) led by Prof. Drago Roksandic PhD in 2003. Within the Project, together with other friends of Jankovic Castle, various events started to be organized in still mostly ruined Castle. The aim of the Project has been to initiate and perform activities which will accelerate the restoration and revitalization of the Jankovic Castle Complex and the surrounding region, Ravni Kotari. In September 2006 friends of Jankovic Castle formalized their involvement by establishing a non-profit organization “Association for Rebuilding/Restoration and Revitalization of Stojan Jankovic Castle – Bridges”. From the end of y. 2008 an additional partner, Center for Peace Studies, Zagreb (, joined forces in organizing various activities in the Castle. Recently, also the University of Zagreb (as a whole), University of Zadar and University of Padua become involved as well.

Project Bridges

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