The Jankovic Castle has been in the possession of Jankovic-Desnica family for more than three and a half centuries. The object is rich in history and connected with numerous important personalities:

Stojan Jankovic , an ‘uskok’ (rebel) from the 17th century, who obtained the title of Cavaliere from the Venetian Republic for his successes in fighting the Ottoman Empire and thus became a national hero, celebrated in verse in a number of folk poems

Ilija Dede Janković (1818.-1874.) writer, publicist and politician
Simo Matavulj (1852.-1908.) Serbian writer, served as teacher in Islam Grčki, described Janković Castle and Ilija Janković in his books and enjoyed rich library in the castle

Dr. Uroš Desnica (1874.-1941.) politician and lawyer

Dr. Boško Desnica (1886.-1945.) historian, lawyer and publicist

Vladan Desnica (1905.-1967.) writer, translator, lawyer, wrote his most famous novel in the castle and was buried in the castle’s church in 1967

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