interreg adriatic

INTERREG III (2000-2006) is an initiative designed to strengthen economic and social cohesion throughout the European Union (EU), by fostering the balanced development of the continent through cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation.

The research Zadar/Zara’s Hinterland from Ottoman to Venetian rule 1645-1718 – landscapes, populations, cultures – an intercultural heritage to rediscover was financed through scholarship related to the INTERREG IIIA – Adriatic Cross-border, INTERADRIA Cultural Heritage in the Adriatic Area – Knowledge, Safeguarding and Enhancement Project and was conducted thanks to the collaboration (partnership) between the History Department of the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of University of Padua, the seat of the Doctoral School of History Research, at which Tea Mayhew was a student, along with the same institution of the Faculty of Philosophy of University of Zagreb, more precisely in scientific collaboration between professors Egidio Ivetić (Padua) and Drago Roksandić (Zagreb). The thesis, besides being abundant with historiographical data, aims to be the point of reference as a new and up-to-date evaluation of the cultural, historical heritage relating to the areas of the former Venetian Dalmatia which was heavily damaged during the war of 1991-1995.

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